Unusual Things To Do In Sardinia In Winter: By A Local Sardinian!


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Located around 110 kilometres from Cagliari, Orgosolo is famous for its murals, and you should definitely not miss this astonishing open air art museum, especially in winter while the weather is not the best to enjoy your time at the beach.


There are other cities and villages in Sardinia with beautiful murals, but Orgosolo is where everything started, so go for the real and original thing! Of all the 250 murals you can find scattered all over Sardinia, 150 are in Orgosolo, so this is obviously the “Real deal”. 

things-to-do-in-sardinia-winter-orgosolo-murals The Story Of the Murals In Orgosolo

The first mural in Orgosolo was painted by Dioniso, an Anarchist group from Milan in the late 60’s. However, later it was Francesco del Casino, a local teacher, who help in creating more of them making the murals a local’s activity, due to his Art background and helped by its students.

What Do Most Of The Murals Represent?

The first mural was drawn in 1969, and they mainly represent political themes like the opposition to the Nazi movement and symbols of rebellion against the government, but, although many of them are political in nature, there are multiple examples of other stories in and outside the village, such as a local lady selling flowers, a defensive Palestine flag or a drawing of former presidents Bush and Obama.


Whether you are interested in its history and meaning or not, they are worth seeing none the less, the atmosphere while walking in Orgosolo is magic, and every turn you make can surprise you with yet another piece of “street art”.


Best Cultural Tours In Barbagia and San Sperate


Guided Tours Or Not? Pros and Cons

You can certainly visit Sardinia and the historic regions like Barbagia by yourself going at your own pace. The pro is that you’re completely independent, you can take as much time as you want to visit a location or a sight and you’re free to do what you want.

However, in my travel experience, the ideal would be to do some independent wandering AND then taking a guided tour. Joining a tour, even if you are an independent traveler like me,  will make you understand the stories behind what you are seeing a lot better. And the Sardinian murals have tons of history behind them!

Below are the absolute best tours in the Barbagia area  I recommend as a local:


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