Top 15 Best 6 Person Tents For Camping And How To Choose in 2019

best 6 person tent for camping REI Kingdom 6

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If you are looking for a 6 person tent that doesn’t fail you when you take your family camping, go camping with your pals or take your partner on an outdoor adventure, then read on. This article will show you several different models that will serve you well. We will examine different tent models that will cater to how you want to use it, but, above all, with prices that won’t empty your pocket.

Before continuing with the guide, we would also like to give you the knowledge on how to choose the right six-person tent. The tents on this list also have a maximum person capacity of six people, so if you want to fit in more, then you will have to find a larger capacity tent though you could always squeeze in together! For larger capacity tents, we have a list for the best 8 person tents or 10 person tents that you can review. If you’re looking for something smaller, read our Backpacking Tent Reviews!

So why should you choose the best six-man tent that we have suggested? The reasons are several, these camping tents are only available in specific places, they are affordable, and we have tried them out. For this reason, we will only recommend the models that we have used directly or indirectly, and that is also within the Amazon Marketplace and REI.

What Types Of Tents To Consider?

Choosing the best 6 person tent is one of the essential steps for any potential camper who is planning to go on a trip with a semi-large group of people. It depends mostly on your safety and comfort. If there are still doubts, perhaps we can help you with this complete guide of suggestions and recommendations. Also, we present a comparison between different types of tent models.

The right choice of a tent is one of the issues that has led to more questions on the internet; that is why we have made this guide. What brand to buy, for how many, what type of tent to purchase, or so many more questions, that we try to answer in this note, gathering advice, technical analysis and, above all, a lot of experience. So we hope we can answer your potential questions in this guide. First of all, what types of tent models are there?

Design and Model

The first thing to consider is the design and model. We will go by steps, since choosing a tent that serves you for what you want and lasts for several years, is not as easy as buying the travel backpack. The first step is to know the four types of tents that exist in the market:

Classic Tent

They are the ones with a gable roof. Being of the first models manufactured, its structure is not the most appropriate to appease the strong winds, to conserve the heat in the interior or to support the excess of humidity (which produce mold).

Also, although in general, they are the most resistant and durable -thanks to the quality of their materials-, the truth is that they are quite heavy and difficult to assemble. Therefore, unless you transport it by car, you will be camping for several days and know how to assemble it – without staying with the remaining poles in your hand, we do not recommend it.

Structural Tent

These are the biggest tents, with spacious and easily accessible places, such as the more pricier ones. That’s why, even if we wanted to, we cannot take them with us anywhere.

They are designed primarily for use in adventures of several days, such as a beach, a garden or a hangout in a recreational area. In addition, you can go with your aunt, cousin, sister, nephews, grandmother, best friend, and more.

Igloo tent (Tunnel type)

They have an aerodynamic design to withstand high winds. They are ultralight tents and easy to assemble, which makes them perfect for the bivouac.

Tent Igloo (Dome type)

Dome tents are the most used and best voted by most campers since they have a little more capacity than tunnel type, it is easier to move inside and have more price ranges.

Likewise, they are built with synthetic materials resistant to any weather phenomenon (rain, snow, strong winds, storms, or even the inclement sunning at noon).

What Sort Of Features To Think About?

So what factors do I take into account when choosing the best tent? Although there may be enough, there are 6 that are paramount and should not be overlooked:

  • How many people are able to fit at the same time (to sleep).
  • Use that you are going to give (is directly related to the number of stations that support the tent, winter, summer, autumn, and spring).
  • Weight, size, and easy to transport the carp.
  • Ease or speed with which you can arm and disarm it without help (and in cases of emergency).
  • Make it easy to get spare parts from any part of the tent if they are damaged, especially the poles.
  • Manufacturing materials, brand, and price. Obviously, a carp of the unknown brand will be much cheaper than a very well known one. But the main risk of skimping on expenses is that you will discover the quality of the materials when you have the storm on top.

Our List Of The Top 15 Best 6-Man Tent For Camping In 2019

Without further ado, here are the best 6 man tent that we have found for you:

1. The REI Kingdom 6

Price: $469.00
Pros: The tent has very tall ceilings and wide doors on the sides of the Kingdom 6. It has got a rainfly that you can set up, and there are so many pockets where you can store things throughout the tent.
Cons: There is only one side chamber in the tent. And the second door has a very low head awning.

With its spacious interior and spacious layout, you can fit a whole family inside the Rei Kingdom 6. It is a dome type tent that has got a lot of great features that make it comfy and warm to be in when you go camping.

The tall ceilings of the text mean that it is very comfortable for six people to go in. And do not let the size fool you since it can be folded into an easy carry backpack. Since it is so tall and spacious, we just love the fact that there are two rooms inside of the tent. This means that if you want more airiness, then you can head over to one room inside of the tent, or if you want a bit more privacy, then the other side of the tent is great as well too. And you can bet that this whole tent is very stable and will not fall over in the slightest or even strongest of breezes, provided that you have set it up correctly. At the price that you are purchasing it, you will get a long-lasting, well-made dome tent.

See The REI Kingdom 6

Coleman Carlsbad

2. Coleman Carlsbad Fast Pitch 6

Price: $182
Pros: Easy to set up and true to its fast-pitch name. Great build quality and materials.
Cons: The tent itself has only one side room, which has got a net that may lack privacy.

Another great 6 person tent on the list is one of the best brands for 6 people tents or any large tents in our opinion. Many people like it by design, by the quality and by price, hence why it is so popular amongst a lot of campers.

The brand has high-quality materials. For example, the interior is made of polyester and allows good breathability without letting the water in at any time, without forgetting its double roof. The poles are fiberglass and steel, making the tent very resistant to wear and tear. A very good purchase option for a very competitive price.

See The Coleman Carlsbad Fast Pitch 6

best camping tent Mountain Hardware Optic 6

3. Mountain Hardware Optic 6 Man Tent

Price: $399
Pros: It offers really good features for the price that you are paying for it.
Cons: The room layout can be a bit awkward for six people.

With two meters of height and good distribution, your family can enter the Mountain Hardware tent without problems. It has rooms large enough for 6 people to sleep inside. To this, we must add a corridor where you can store things and thus not take space in the rooms of the tent.

It has enough windows and mosquito nets that will prevent insects from entering the tent and bother you during the night. The only thing that we can say is a negative is that the room layouts may be a bit awkward for a larger family or group of people.

See The Mountain Hardware Optic 6

Alps Mountaineering Camp Creek

4. Alps Mountaineering Camp Creek 6

Price: $250
Pros: Very competitive pricing for a well-made and modern 6 person camping tent.
Cons: It is a bit weighty, making it sort of inconvenient to carry around with you if you are holding as a backpack.

If you are looking for a classic tent for 6 people and that also has a competitive price and a touch of modernity, you will like this model. The Weatherproof fly that adds large awnings over front doorway and back window. 

The weight distribution is not very good, so moving it around can be a bit hard. If you are worried about the installation, instructions are included next to the store, although due to its size and shape you should get used to the idea that the assembly will last about 30 minutes. Once mounted, you will realize that you have made a good purchase. If you are looking for lighter version, there is the Meramac model which is slightly shorter. We do prefer the standing design of the Camp Creek, however.

See The Alps Mountaineering Camp Creek 6

Big Agnes Flying Diamond

5. Big Agnes Flying Diamond 6 Person Tent

Price: $700
Pros: Large tunnel-shaped tent makes it very versatile. And it can be fit into a very easy to carry bag.
Cons: It is not as tall on the inside as other tents and quite pricey.

This tent in the form of a tunnel has a perfect size for 6 people, at the same time, it is very bright thanks to its well-placed ventilation. There is a color-coded system and press-fit poles that make it easy to set up.

Although the tent is quite large, we can assure you that it has been designed so that its assembly is as easy as possible. Thanks to this you will have few problems. As for the materials, they are of very good quality, preventing the air or rain from entering, even on very stormy days. You can expect that this tent will last you quite a long time since it is very weatherproof.

See The Big Agnes Flying Diamond 6

best 6 man tent for camping CORE Instant Cabin

6. CORE Instant Cabin 6

Price: $155
Pros: Very good ventilation, means that the inside of the tent is very breathable, and makes for a comfortable experience when sleeping inside of it.
Cons: The zipper of the tent enclosure often catches onto the tent material itself so you will need to be careful when opening and closing it.

We can define this tent as a reliable and very solid one. With this 6 person tent, you will have more than enough space for 6 people, and you will have the security of being protected from the elements. What’s more, the tent is breathable, which is appreciated to be able to enjoy good ventilation inside the tent.

The tent is capable of withstanding strong winds and rain, as long as the assembly has been carried out properly. It also resists a lot to the movements of people inside, which makes it a good option to buy. The tent has a gear loft with a lantern hook and large wall organizer to keep your items neat and off the tent floor.

See The CORE Instant Cabin 6

best family tent for camping TOMOUNT

7. TOMOUNT 6 Person Tent

Price: $699
Pros: The tent is very spacious, easy to assemble, and have great lighting and ventilation.
Cons: Not as heavy duty as advertised.

This modern tent has very good lighting and in which can sleep up to 6 people without problems, that is, we speak of a large 6 man tent.  It has one larger mesh door and three mesh windows that enable optimal airflow to come in and out easily. The mesh windows allow the breeze to come in but keep the bugs out.

There is an electrical access port that lets you run a cord from your electronic device in the tent to an outside power source. There is also an interior gear pocket that helps you keep things well organized inside. The tent is wind and water resistant enough. You will be reasonably dry when it starts raining, but don’t expect it to withstand a torrential downpour.

See The TOMOUNT 6 Person Tent

top 15 camping tents Coleman Weather Master 6

8. Coleman Weather Master 6 Man Tent

Price: $329
Pros: With its simple design, it is very easy to set up. And true to its name, it is very weather-proof.
Cons: Not as storage friendly as other tents, as it lacks hooks on the walls of the interior.

With a simple igloo style design, you can buy an affordable tent that can sleep up to 6 people with sleeping bags. It can even hold two queen-sized air mattresses if the need arises. An important point is that it is quite easy to install, without forgetting that its dimensions do not seem that big on paper, that is, although the image may seem very small, it is larger than it seems.

It’s a tall tent that allows you to walk around without being hunched over. It has strong zippers that can last without snagging and breaking off. It is not one of the most extensive, but if you are looking for an inexpensive tent that is not too big, this option will surely be worth it.

See The Coleman Weather Master 6

Best tent for family camping North Face Kaiju 6

9. The North Face Kaiju 6

Price: $772
Pros: This very tall, very standing 6 man tent has a great design, offers spacious interiors, and is made out of great materials.
Cons: Definitely pricier than other tents on this list.

If you are looking for a spacious, beautiful and comfortable store to spend a few days in a campsite, it will give you very good results. Moreover, this store could even sleep up to 6 people, although it is more recommended for a bit less than that since it is a free-standing 6 man tent. You can put inflatable mattresses easily thanks to its large space.

Each of the rooms in the tents has its mosquito nets and its door to have privacy in front of other people, and the entrance has small windows to have more light. Very resistant against water and wind. It’s made of excellent materials that are made to tackle the elements, hence the price.

See The North Face Kaiju 6

Coleman Evanston 6 man tent for camping

10. Coleman Evanston 6

Price: $199
Pros: Very reasonably priced for the type of material and space that it provides.
Cons: Not as luxurious as the other 6 man tents on this list are.

Another spacious option to spend a few days of vacation in camping for six people. In this case, we see how the tent has quite spacious interiors throughout which you will see your needs met at bedtime. It is a well designed and safe store so it will give you very good results, even on stormy days.

The floor is very stable and rigid so it will not move when we walk on it. It is a very comfortable store in which you can enjoy unforgettable days. All of this comes in a very reasonably priced package so you will not have to break the bank trying to purchase a well-made camping tent for six people. There is an 8 person version if you want to fit more people in.

See The Coleman Evanston 6

11. Wenzel Evergreen 6 Person Tent

Price: $112
Pros: Comes in a very portable package. And the added rainfly makes it good for inclement weather.
Cons: The lightweight material that the tent is made out of makes it easy to carry, but also not as durable for windy weather.

To finish, I also want to tell you about this great affordable, which has a rainfly, porch, an entrance, and two rooms so that up to 3 people can sleep in each of them. The maximum height of the tent is also quite spacious

In this case, the mosquito nets are in the doors of each room and not in the entrance.
The tent is not that heavy to carry around with a little skill; it will not cost you too much effort to assemble and disassemble it.


12. Core Dome 6 Mant Tent

Price: $92
Pros: Definitely priced at a very competitive level while still offering a lot of space
Cons: It only has one vestibule and one door as well.

When your whole family shares the same passion for camping, this model with capacity for six people can turn out to be the best affordable 6 man tent for your trip. Thanks to its unique design, it has got even more space than similarly sized tents.

Made with quality materials, will provide good protection in the open. The rods of various colors, for easy assembly, are fiberglass, providing greater strength in the face of strong winds. At the same time, its outer polyester fabric with PU cover guarantees protection against the sun and a waterproofness. As for the internal fabric, it is breathable allowing better ventilation on hot days.

See The CORE 6 Person Dome Tent

Marmot Limestone

13. Marmot Limestone 6 Man Tent

Price: $475
Pros: It is very premium feeling and has got great materials that can withstand a lot.
Cons: it is definitely priced at a premium level as well.

It stands out for having a functional design and being made of resistant materials. In this way, it is effective against wind and weather. The set of fiberglass rods and steel pegs provide the necessary stability.

If you love nature, but you resist losing the comfort of your home, here you are facing a good option. This six-person tent will make you feel at home as if you were at home. Since it is made out of premium materials and it is made with a premium design as well, it is very comfortable on the inside.

See The Marmot Limestone 6

Coleman Sundome


14. Coleman Sundome 6 Man Tent

Price: $130
Pros: It is a very practical six-person tent that is easy to assemble.
Cons: The lightweight materials makes it not as good for heavy winds.

With an easy and practical assembly, it is a spacious model with enough capacity for six people. Its large living room stands out, with an interior that is made out of lightweight materials. In addition, you can enjoy a lot of light thanks to its various windows and doors.

At bedtime, you can do it in a double room that, in turn, has a wall to divide it into two independent for privacy. While the doors offer complete protection against insects, being covered with mosquito nets.

See The Coleman Sundome 6

Kelty Trail Ridge

15. Kelty Trail Ridge 6

Pros: Its small size makes for easy setup, and it still has 2 doors and vestibules.
Cons: It lacks floor space when compared to other tents.

Now, if the other models are a bit big, this may be the right one for a perfect family weekend. With a capacity for several people, this stable and resistant design provides a more welcoming environment in nature.

Its structure is characterized by being mixed. On the one hand, the dome-shaped bedroom with dividing wall offers a comfortable resting area. On the other hand, a living room with the dimensions and the appropriate height to enjoy more the moments in a group. At the same time that the floor provides fresh air intake, the hot air inside is expelled through the upper ventilation openings. In this way, you can enjoy greater well-being.

See The Kelty Trail Ridge 6

Want Something Bigger?

If any of the tents mentioned here isn’t enough read our reviews for:

8 Person Tent

10 Person Tent

Useful Tips Before Using Your New 6 Person Tent

Lots of people would buy a 6 man tent and the very first time and never open it up without first testing it. Don’t fumble around in the campground trying to learn how to put up the tent and look like a fool. Set it up first in your lawn or somewhere easy before you go out to camp. This will give you a clue as to how difficult (or easy) it is to set up your tent, and you can make sure you have plenty of time to set it up in camp based on your findings.


The tents mentioned previously, given they are mostly made from polyester or water-resistant material, will probably be fairly watertight. Some will even come with a rainfly.  You will probably still need to spray it with a waterproof spray every now and then to make sure you stay dry.

Taking Your Tent Down

This can be very difficult and even more cumbersome to fit all of it in the bag that the tent came in. You should study the way the tent was folded before you took it out of the bag and try to get it back the same way. If all else fails, fit the stakes in a separate bag and try to get the tent, floor tarp, and rainfly into the stuff sack it came in.


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